I was born in the quiet city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia to a Spanish mother and a Chinese father. Yes, I speak both Spanish and Chinese. And although half a world apart, I come from two hard working families who take pride in their strong work ethic.


I love cameras and I love traveling. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in both industries. I enjoy technology and the advancements being made, particularly all tech that helps people explore and facilitate their passions.

So whether it’s working on the set of a commercial, shooting a live event, heavily involved in a production or visiting family in far away lands, that’s where you’ll usually find me and my cameras.

One of the few things that I’ll never forget is the idea of immersing yourself with your environment, taking advantage of your surroundings and getting to know it on a personal level rather than simply setting up equipment and taking a snapshot of that moment. Don’t just capture the scene, live within it. Don’t be a drone.


Your experience goes into your work and that means understanding what you are now a part of. The best stories are the ones you connect with that lead you to capture them. Operating a camera goes beyond any technical knowledge, it requires an emotional one.

I enjoy learning and fixing and troubleshooting everything from equipment to software to workflows. Diversity is my middle name (if I had one). Experience new things, find new viewpoints, meet new people, work in new mediums. Be passionate, you’ll last longer.